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Hi all. I just wanted to share my experiences in getting this to work on a dual core (core 2 duo ) vista ultimate machine.

Firstly, I was so excited to find the old box for this in amongst my stuff when I was doing a clearout, so I decided to try and install. I had already thrown my only copy of Windows 98 (my original plan was to setup a new vmware player image using workstation and run the game in 98) so I had to try vista.

I have the GSP re-release with both safedisc AND more of a problem: The installer doesn't work at all. You get error when trying to run setup.exe on disc 1 of 3.

I copied disc 1 entirely from CD to cgames\noir
I then copied disc 3 entirely from CD to cgames\noir\cd1
disc2 is irrelivent to gameplay.

You also need to make a cd2, cd3 and cd4 directory or the game complains.

At this point, the game complains of missing DLL when run. But from googling this, I found the following site:

Firstly it suggests the same fix I was trying from memory - which is great.. But secondly, it gives the registry key you need to get the exe to run. I applied this, and now I get a new error. cd is not in drive. Except it is!!!

Well, Its completely legal to own a backup copy of a cd you have, and thus I then went to gamecopyworld and downloaded 2 files, one replacement exe for no-cd and a second which is a patch to stop the checksum failing. I won't give direct link, but its the first result.

At this point game starts - but fails immediately after the scrolling text on new game (attempted load of first cut scene).

Some google suggested I try set registry to "Start Windowed" from default no, to "Yes. This did the trick! The game can now start, But it runs like some piece of crap with fubar colours. There are 2 options here: Set windows colour mode to 16 bit, or wait till after the cut scene, SAVE IT so you can come back here in future - then hit Alt+Enter to go fullscreen, and then its perfect.

I'm so happy to be able to play the game, and so is the girlfriend - it was one of her favourite games when growing up.

To summarise:
Getting the game working under vista:

1. Copy CD-1 and CD-3 to fs manually, under cgames\noir (if you change this then I think the registry keys might need edit before apply? so just go with this). Remember to make cd2, cd3 and cd4 directories even though they stay empty.

2. Assuming you fully own an original copy only!!!! of the game.. then Apply no-cd patch to tin3_dxd.exe. This is perfectly legal. Also apply checksum patch if required to get past copy protection. gamecopyworld supply both

3. Add the registry keys from the link I gave above

4. In regedit Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Perfect Entertainment/Discworld Noir and edit 'Start Windowed' to 'Yes'

5. Play the game, run it as administrator. It starts windowed, escape the scenes till you get mouse control, make a save - next time you can hit F1 and some straight here - and then you can ALT+ENTER to play the game properly!

6. Profit.

Hope the guide helped someone.. I found there was no definitive "do this and it works" - atleast not in my scenario.. And even though my trade is in IT, I'm a little surprised and remarked that it eventually all worked successfully. The power of the internet
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