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I got into the first few seconds of gameplay in "Kings Quest 7: Princeless Bride", and gave up on it, sick to my stomach. I wanted to play through the series, but this I just can't get into. Uck. First, I really hate cartoony/kiddy/comedy type games, and the beginning cutscene just oozed with it. I couldn't really make Valence look around anywhere, and I couldn't run it fullscreen, just a tiny little box. When a jackrabbit or something started sticking it's tongue out at her, the over-kiddish of it all overwhelmed me. I do want to know the story, but I just can't get myself to play it. I mean, I got more into Syberia than this, and people know how I have misgivings about that game.

So, worst disappointments for me; Rhem, yep, Darkness Within, yep, and now add, Kings Quest 7.
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