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Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
International Date Line. Crossing it heading west would put you back a day if I recall correctly. I can't remember exactly where it is but I'm guessing some sort of cruise ship or the like would be involved.

You got it, step! It's actually the opposite direction, heading east across the Date Line puts you back a day.

Art was born on 1 March during a non-leap year. Art and Bart's mother was travelling eastwards across the Pacific Ocean (presumably by ship) when she was in labour. Bart was then born on 28 February, after their mom had crossed the International Date Line. So in a non-leap year, the twins' birthdays are only one day apart. However, during a leap year, 29 February is added. Therefore, in the given scenario (a leap year, of course), the younger Bart would celebrate his birthday two days before his older twin Art!

That is enormously contrived though, don't you think?
Yep, I did say the solution was logical but contrived several posts ago.

Maybe we can start a puzzle and brain teasers thread here in Chit Chat?
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