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Rise of the Argonauts. Having great fun. It's not really RPG material, though it has a levelling up system of sorts. The graphics are very pretty though, the combat is ok, and the story, setting and locations are great!

Been dabbling in an umpteenth Morrowind playthrough, testing out lots of mods and going for everything I have not done yet.

Trying out the new adventures that came with the Witcher 1.5 patch and not liking them all.

Adventurewise, trying to get Zork Nemesis not to spin so fast on the panorotation.

I'm contemplating trying out So Blonde.

Broken Sword 4. GAWD, you guys are right... this game sucks! The puzzle solutions are ludicrously unintuitive, and the controls are the wonkiest I've ever had the displeasure to use. I don't know if I'll even bother to finish playing this.
I decided to bail at the point where they go underneath that fountain. One day when I've run out of other games I'll pick this one up again .(maybe )
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