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Fallout 3. I made the mistake of playing this on normal difficulty. Its easy early on and only gets easier the higher you level. Especially with a couple of judicious perk picks (sniper/concentrated fire). Running around the city has been a nightmare and getting from quest to quest without using fast travel means you pretty much have to rely on the compass just to deal with the collapsed buildings.

I have a character at level 22, and haven't even completed the main quest yet from too much self exploration and trying to ignore the compass directions. Everything is now too easy to kill and I'm losing interest in this play-through (been a right goody two shoes and as usual I'm quite bored of that).

I've managed to download some amped difficulty mods from fallout3nexus so after some downtime maybe I'll start over. Its a great game but just too easy for a run and gun play style out of the box. I'm thinking maybe something more underpowered and more reliant on companions up against a harder setting with beefed up enemies. Definitely going to give slaving a try too!
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