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Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

Never played it before, I'm probably about 75% through, and I feel that this game is a bit overrated. Many of the puzzles (esp. the dialogue-related ones) IMO are rather unintuitive, and the pace of the gameplay is SLOW SLOW SLOW! Is there any way to speed things up? I know for a fact that I'm relying on the walkthrough more often than I normally would, because I don't want to try too many different methods of solving puzzles, because every command takes too long to execute. (I know how to skip lines of dialogue, but I don't know any way to speed up things like walking across the screen, performing actions, etc.)

The story, however, is incredible, as are the voice acting and dialogue. Thus far, I would liken Broken Sword 1 to Dreamfall, where the story is amazing but the gameplay is distinctly subpar. I'm definitely looking forward to diving head first into the rest of this series.
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