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uh simon the sorcered 4 was a chore to get working, firstly in the uk its published by playlogic (never a good sign)

Anyway it installed but then the security check on loading said i didnt have the original disc inserted, even though i did.

i reinstalled, then ti said some other error, followed by not the original disc inserted.

So i emailed the company..... still no reply.

Emailed the place i bought it from for a replacement "oh we are going to be condescending and treat you like an idiot who knows nothing about computers while we are the overlords of the digital universe".

after about 3 days of battling against there insistance that nothing they sell could ever EVER be broken, i got a no dvd patch and sure enough then the game worked perfectly fine.... despite the fact they said its not the disc..... uh huh.... right, anyway the idiots will be getting a strong worded letter.
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