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I quite agree about the patch thing. Game-killing bugs are really unforgiveable.

Knights of the Old Republic
On the quest for the Star Map. Found the one on Manaan and I'm now looking for the one on Kashykk. Leaving the third planet until last as it sounded a bit more dangerour.

There are a number of side quests where I've hit dead ends. Hoping to revisit them later.

It's an interesting enough game but a couple of things bug me.

One is the repeated use of character models. Meeting the same people over and over again gets really confusing. Is this the clone wars?

The other is the vast landscapes (the planet-wide city of Taris, the ocean-floor of Manaan) that have highly restricted access. It's a real immersion killer to present a huge vista and then make most of it completely inaccessible.
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