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Originally Posted by Thief View Post
Good luck for your adventure quest. But if you intend to finish the games without the help of a walkthrough, do not even think to start playing Riven.
I don't disagree - but I'd heard this so many times that I played through Riven (after having it on the drive for about 4 years and just poking around) pretty much alongside the big, giant, tip hint guidebook (do they still make those, the one for Riven is great, in addition to the hints/walkthrough, they also give you an insight onto the philosophies behind some of the puzzles, which sometimes was obvious, but sometimes I just missed) ANYWAY! - I played through Riven with the guide and realized that although there are some monster/mind-eating puzzles, there were definitely some I could have figured out on my own, and wish I did.

I consider Riven (and I've stated on here ad nauseam) the greatest computer game of all-time, and I also think that it's a game that you shouldn't sit down to complete. It's like James Joyce's Ulysses, read as much as you can understand, and attack it over a lifetime, or a year, it's worth it.

So I might recommend playing Riven last on your AdventureGameQuest (or while you play others.)
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