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Originally Posted by Tanukitsune
(Seriously, how IS it possible?)
A lot of the graphical code will be imported from DirectX - if you were forced to include that stuff in the executable itself, it would be a lot bigger.

The textures and sound effects are based on algorithms (which will only be a few bytes long when compiled in the executable). The textures and sounds are generated from these algorithms and stored in RAM when you start the program, which is why it takes so long to load.

The code for a game will always be dwarfed by the game data - maps, textures, and so on. The dedicated server for UT2004 (presumably including all the game logic but none of the graphics/sound engine) is only 111KB, and they won't have made any particular effort to make it small. These 96K guys have just come up with a clever means of eliminating the need for huge amounts of data to be shipped with a game, and done a good job of keeping their actual code compact.
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