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Default An Adventure Game Odyssey: Lost Classics

Ok so here is the deal.

I have decided i am going to (or at least try to) play every adventure game ever made

I started this late last night with a game i had never played

Quest For Gold - Eldorado (based on a disney film of the same name that i've also never seen before)

The voice acting in it was quite good, but the game itself was very very overly easy offering little to no challenge whatso ever, the story was fun and it was set in a period of history i'm interested in, which maybe helped it offer more fun to me then other people.

I might even watch the film it's based on.

This weekend i will replay the excellent Monkey Island series, or at least 1-3, as my copy of 4 appears to no longer work :'(

Everyone feel free to recommend some i should play preferably start with point and click based graphic adventures (monkey island, beneath a steel sky etc) or graphic text adventures (kings, space, police quest etc).

Other games i have also played recently (last 3 months) that i will include in my big adventure quest are

Flight of the amazon queen
Simon the sorcerer 1
gobliiins 4
the longest journey 1 and 2 (dreamfall)
discworld 1-3
maniac mansion
day of the tentacle
grim fandango
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