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Originally Posted by Gonzosports View Post

I do think, without sounding entirely condescending, you should try to challenge yourself outside of your genre pigeonhole. It reminded me, and perhaps not fairly, of people who travel across the country and only eat at crap fast food places because it's safe.
wow and yet you manage to sound completely condescending. especially as i mentioned before that i play many different genres of games. all i said is that i play an adventure when i want an adventure game many games cross the boundaries and i am open to these, i enjoy silent hill's, resident evil's, fable etc etc etc. you are not talking about expanding on an adventure game but removing the vital (imho) component. if i wanted to just watch a story unfold i would play an interactive movie. oh and no i cant name a single one, maybe because i find the whole concept deathly dull. mayb as a filmaker you should spend your time making your own? and then show adventurers a new way to play a game tho in my case you would need to give me the game for free boot it for me, tie me to my chair and drug me full of anti-sleeping pills lol x
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