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Originally Posted by noknowncure View Post
I agree with a lot of what Gonzosports says. While I admit that I enjoy a ridiculous, contrived Adventure Game puzzle as much as the next fan, I wish the genre would explore different possibilities.


I think this is a really excellent point. Some Adventure Game fans seem to have a very specific view of other game genres and by avoiding them, they're missing out on opportunities to appreciate other avenues of storytelling.


Ever since playing games like Majora's Mask and the Hitman series, I've wanted AGs to take advantage of their mechanics. A world where the characters go about their business regardless of whether you're there to watch. Their routines becoming an integral part of the gameplay.
The only AG where I have seen that is GK III.

Games like - as you mention - Fallout 3, where your exploration and gradual understanding of the vast environment itself is the key to uncovering the stories within. Hell, the parts of the game in towns and villages tend to feel like mini Adventure Games in themselves - Little to no combat. Conversations with diverse characters. Quests.
That is very interesting. I avoid other games because of the combat (most adventure gamers hate action with a passion), but maybe I have to try this game.

The karma system from RPGs would be a great addition to AGs. Different ways to complete quests, depending on what type of character you choose to play. Your choices influencing how different people treat you.
But that will be extremely hard to implement if there is a story to unfold as well.
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