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Originally Posted by Puzzler View Post
I get pretty immersed in the novels I read, but maybe you mean something different, I'm not sure. While novels and movies have limitations videogames don't, I think a big difference is that videogames offer challenge. Anyone (with good reading skills) can read a novel or watch a movie, piece of cake. However, if you have to write an essay that can be challenging. Okay, so it's more than challenge, I can agree. Perhaps there should be more appreciation and use for video games as an art form, and not merely as a means for gameplay and challenge.
We're on the same page. My degree is in filmmaking, so I'm very well aware, and fascinated by the different modalities* each art form has at its disposal. I'm particularly intrigued by video games because they offer a level of immerson and choice that other forms don't - video games are interactive**.

Many games I think - including some of the early KQ games - were playing with the notion of being art. It wasn't until Riven opened my eyes to the possibilities, the thematic possibilities, of what video gaming could do.

And...for the most part, it's been adventure games that have pushed the envelope. My original contention was that too often game developers are using logic/inventory/yawn puzzles as a way to manufacture interactivity and immersion at the cost of the story or world they're presenting - because it's what people expect.

So...anyway, we've reached some consensus here. I've written waaaay too much in this thread, mostly because it's something I'm incredibly interested in and passionate about.

I would like to move the discussion onto when puzzles are good, when they're bad, and also, how ultimately necessary they were to a specific game.
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