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Which brings me to your final point - I'd just read novels or watch movies. Without completely writing 10,000,000 words, is it JUST THE PUZZLES that makes the medium of video/computer games different than those? No, it's the immersion, the ability to think non-linearly, and the ability to offer players choices they don't have in a novel or movie.
I get pretty immersed in the novels I read, but maybe you mean something different, I'm not sure. While novels and movies have limitations videogames don't, I think a big difference is that videogames offer challenge. Anyone (with good reading skills) can read a novel or watch a movie, piece of cake. However, if you have to write an essay that can be challenging. Okay, so it's more than challenge, I can agree. Perhaps there should be more appreciation and use for video games as an art form, and not merely as a means for gameplay and challenge.

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