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Originally Posted by loobylou26 View Post

not in my eyes, whilst i may enjoy a games storyline, graphics, sound effect or atmosphere i am sitting down to play a GAME, whether the puzzle in question requires button bashing or snipering or solving an inventory based enigma i am completing a puzzle in one way or another. if i wanted to just watch the storyline or listen to the sounds etc i would buy a movie. i just dont get the point of a game without puzzles
Then why play an adventure game, or why play a computer game at all? Sudoku, crossword puzzles, 3D maps are much cheaper. Or if it has to be on computer, why not play Shanghai? Or a pixel hunting game?

Are you seriously suggesting that the adventure game genre is not based around a story as its focal point? Even the bad games (urp, except for 7th Guest) are based around a story.

Originally Posted by loobylou26 View Post
of course we all prefer the puzzle to fit into the story but you are again missing the point that i am there for the puzzle not the story, the story is a bonus.
the pigeon holing issue is daft as games need to be put into certain categories for marketing purposes and i for one am glad that i can click to amazon and then straight to adventure to look at the type of games that will interest me. and also i dont want to play a mix of all different games just to benefit a story
At this point, I begin to wonder if you're just disagreeing to disagree.

I understand now that all you are looking for is entertainment. As I have an extremely limited budget and time for games (I usually only play 6-10 TOTAL games in a year, with half being adventure, the other usually being games I hear about that interest me), I make sure those games are ones that will intrigue me, and that I find fascinating because they either push the medium, tell a great story with an overlying interesting theme, create comprehensively a new and interesting world, or involve me in some new way.

Of course, I'm just like everyone else. I picked up Little Big Planet as a nice diversion - but then ended up telling everyone about it, because i think the art direction, as in many games these days - is bordering on the brilliant. Often, the visual delights of games is bypassing the narrative talents of the writers. I'm playing Fallout 3 right now, and again, I'm amazed, completely amazed by the level of visual design.

I do think, without sounding entirely condescending, you should try to challenge yourself outside of your genre pigeonhole. It reminded me, and perhaps not fairly, of people who travel across the country and only eat at crap fast food places because it's safe.
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