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Originally Posted by Gonzosports View Post
You've missed two points.

1. Puzzles are not necessarily required to make something not be an "interactive movie," of which I still don't what that is. That many successful, and fun, games exist without puzzles.
not in my eyes, whilst i may enjoy a games storyline, graphics, sound effect or atmosphere i am sitting down to play a GAME, whether the puzzle in question requires button bashing or snipering or solving an inventory based enigma i am completing a puzzle in one way or another. if i wanted to just watch the storyline or listen to the sounds etc i would buy a movie. i just dont get the point of a game without puzzles

2. Games shouldn't be pigeonholed in narrative/character/theme-limiting genres. You're saying that these are RPGs, which again is just a way to partition games into particular genres. Games shouldn't be RPGs, adventure games, FPS, sports simulations, just so we can identify them ("Oh, I like real-time strategy tower defense games, so I'll like this) - there should be a class of games, which could use elements to fit the STORY/CHARACTERS/THESIS not the other way around (ie, we have to make the story fit the puzzle.)

of course we all prefer the puzzle to fit into the story but you are again missing the point that i am there for the puzzle not the story, the story is a bonus.
the pigeon holing issue is daft as games need to be put into certain categories for marketing purposes and i for one am glad that i can click to amazon and then straight to adventure to look at the type of games that will interest me. and also i dont want to play a mix of all different games just to benefit a story

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