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Originally Posted by loobylou26 View Post
hmmm maybe you should be playing interactive movies then as i cant think of anything worse than an adventure game with no puzzles!!!lol
You've lost me with this post, to be honest.

Do you play RPGs? Would you call Morrowind, Fallout 3, Baldur's Gate "interactive movies?" They don't feature "puzzles." Unfortunately, just like adventure games, they get pigeonholed in the RPG area of gaming and end up with their own genre-based limitations (combat must be real-time, we need attributes, equipment conditions, because that's what people expect (but not necessarily want) in an RPG) ergo we're making an adventure game, it has to have puzzles, regardless of whether they make sense, advance the plot, or even integrate into the storyline).

I have to ask what is an interactive movie? Can you name one? Because if there was a format where you could actually determine actions,events, or motivations of main characters that affect the story, I would think that would be awesome. I'm much, much more interested in that than I am exotic locations built around a series of manufactured logic games.

You can't think of anything worse than an adventure game with no puzzles? Have you ever played 7th Guest? Bad games exist, with out without puzzles.
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