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Originally Posted by usman View Post
Well never forgot to add following PC Games in Horror Gener.

1.) Erevos
2.) Dracula
3.) Vampire Diaries
4.) Ghostly Desires
5.) Ghosts starring Christopher Lee
6.) Resident Evil 1 + 2 + 3

Also brought "F.E.A.R" yesterday which looks Horror atleast the Directors interview and the making gives me creep. Its FPS not an adventure game, a FPS set in atmosphere of the movie "The Ring" LOL

I am sure there are many other strong Horror games as well. I will check my list and will update here soon.
Dracula have several games. I personally only played the fmv adventure game "Dracula unleashed" and i loved it.

4) Isn't Ghostly desires supposed to be a softporn title ?

5) Ghosts is more of a documentary than a true adventure game. You go around the house clicking on stuffs to hear and see some ghost clips or stuffs. It's kind of boring.

Harvester is kind of sick and twisted horror adventure/action game.

Not F.E.A.R but how about "The fear" ?
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