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Originally Posted by Lucien21 View Post


I couldn't really go wrong could it. Tom Cruise is a Nazi, there are a gaggle of big name British stars to back him up and it's directed and written by the team behind "The Usual Suspects".

Damn them......

It looks great, the authentic settings and costumes. The acting is ok, Tom Cruise is pretty good, Eddi Izzard, Tom Wilkinson etc are all top notch. The story is decent enough based on one of the real Assassination attempts on Hitler towards the end of the war.

So why was I not connecting to anyone in the movie. The film trailer makes it look thrilling, but it's far too concerned with how the plot was conceived and executed that it misses out on the characters. You don't give a hoot about any of them and in the end it falls flat. I think it was a mistake taking a true story and trying to make a hollywood thriller out of it. It can't stand up to the likes of Downfall or Shindlers List without feeling shallow and pointless.


Agreed. I did not dislike the film, but it was rather ...erm.. clinical and detached. I thought Sophie Scholl was a better film in that it managed to tell a matter-of-fact tale of resistance with the right balance of emotion and factual details.

...One distressing side note for Valkyrie for me, is that the crappy theater in which I saw it was having technical problems; the film was sped up faster than it should have been. Everyone sounded like chipmunks and walked like Charlie Chaplin. :-/
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