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Originally Posted by Henke View Post
I actually liked the fact that some things were only hinted at in the movie (like paedophilia and gender swaps).
Yeah. It certainly gives viewers who haven't read the book something to think about. It gives the movie more depth. But because i'm a perfectionist, whenever i read a book and then see the movie i always want it to be pretty darn acurate.

My favourite scene in the book is missing though, the one when Håkan escapes the hospital och finds Tommy in the cellar. I can sort of understand that Tommy was taken out of the movie since there would be to many characters otherwise. But I imagined Håkan being almost totally melted when I read the book but it's only half his face in the movie. But the fact that they chickened out on the gore doesn't ruin the movie.
Yeah, the part where Hakan tries to rape Eli? That is a good part. I quite like the memory Eli shares with Oskar though. Where he experiences his penis being cut off. I read somewhere the director was going to include the castration scene but use a pig's for the close-up-shot. But when a pig and a slaughterer showed up he had second thoughts. I still think they could've done it but without showing everything. The parts you don't see could then be left to the viewers imagination.

One thing i didn't praise in my mini review was the soundtrack. I think it's just as beautiful as the rest of the film. I just had to order a copy. Always seems to send shivers down my spine whenever i listen to it.
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