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Originally Posted by francko View Post
The whole 'free and open dissent' thing, though, is open to question. Surely meaningful opposition requires an equal footing, and dissenting voices in America are totally marginalized in the press. Only where they cannot be controlled are they available. Yes, you can say things in the the States that you could not say in Soviet Poland, but only when it doesn't matter.
Funny, to me it seams the media goes out of the way sometimes to find dissenting ideologies. Not really for informative discussion but just for simple entertainment. The more out there the better.
Not having to listen to another's ideology is a freedom unto itself. Most ideologies that are marginalized are not listened to for a reason. I for one do not think that I should be forced to listen to listen to a Supremacist group of any kind. I defend their right to there ideology but it doesn't mean I have to listen or that the press has a moral obligation to give "Equal Time".

(Hmmmm. death by political discussion.)
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