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Originally Posted by Giligan View Post
...minus you and me, then. Still, whether it be in that thread, or in a thread on any big gaming website, gamers really like to complain about games. Even if they haven't played the game yet or have to make up problems to complain about.

Gah, I can sing a song about that. I wrote a post today explaining to someone why it would be ludicrous to even consider turning the *AUDIO TAPES* in Fallout 3 (and actually also Bioshock, which the person cited as example) into cutscenes. The person said Bethesda and the makers of Bioshock were taking the cheap way out, by turning something into an audio tape instead of paying for having a cutscene with graphics.

Seriously, now that I think about it more, my eye starts twitching. Like so: . It seems he really didn't think about how these things just wouldn't be good as cutscenes, he just insisted: This game needs more cutscenes. Note that he never played Fallout 3 so far. He played and completed Bioshock, which did actually had quite a bit of cutscenes. But even there turning the audio tapes into cutscenes would not have made sense at all, since they were stuff like a doctor's note made during surgery (only overexcited fathers-to-be in cheesy movies carry around cameras in operating rooms. ), or simply journals. And in Fallout some of the Audio tapes were done by people trying to survive while the bombs are falling, and stuff like that. They most likely did not think of bringing their camera. And also, most people don't go around documenting everything in video form if a simple note will do as well - or an audio recording. This is a question of sensible use of resources, for Brian's sake!

I'm sorry, I am ranting. My post in response to the person was a lot more calm, by the way.

So yeah, I sometimes rant about the people playing the games. Not the games themselves, and if I complain, it's in a sensible way. Unless the game is *really* bad, I always find positive points too.

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