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I agree with Christian and despite of what some people say i think the high number of upcoming adventures ( some games included with a potentially high level of quality) shows that adventures are everything but dead.
I´m really curious how A Vampyre Story will do financially, since this one seems to have a lot of mainstream appeal (judging on how much coverage the german mainstream media is doing ) , especially because of the Lucas Arts connection and the circumstance that the visual aspect seems to appeal to quite some non adventure players.
Still what i´m missing is more adventures with mature storylines, that make you notice the high quality of the author that wrote them, when it comes to mature storytelling there is still a LOOONG way to go for the genre.
But coming back to GK3. To me it´s still one of the best games out there, eventhough i prefer part 1 and 2.
I always found the GK games to be very mature and serious, and somehow with the graphic style of part 3 it seemed like it lacked that seriousness a bit.
But then on the other hand the story was done in such an excellent way, that the story made me forget that minor flaw .
So i´d say aswell as the first 2 parts when it comes to the story, GK3 proved how complex and well thought you could use the element of storytelling in adventuregames and how they can soak you up like a good book, if done as impressively as in these examples.
And i think the way some of the puzzles were integrated into the game´s world, was more than impressive, so i´d definetely put the whole Le Serpent Rouge thing on my nr.1 spot when it comes to puzzles/riddles in adventuregames. So , it may not have done well from a financial aspect ( like any other adventure at the time) but from the art standpoint i think it´s a great game and a worthy sequel , even if not 100 procent on the same level as part1 and2 .
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