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Originally Posted by AndreaDraco83 View Post
I totally refuse to comment.
I can understand you quite well. How can a person be so uniformed and superficial. Wouldn't call it "Digital Spy" but "digital m.ron"
Except for the bad analysis and arguments, basic facts are neglected too. I have been wondering last years about the amount of money I am spending on games. At least 30 new adventure games in the past two years, and it becomes more and more. I keep mailing to Dave (Interact!) can't it be a bit less? I get your packages in at the beginning and the end of each week now. I am a very sloppy and unorginazed person sometimes,
so forgive the errors, typos and outdated info in the short and unchecked note I use (below) just to try to keep track of all the new games that are announced. Even if half of the list is published, it will be an impressive list. "Declining?" Come on!

A Stroke of Fate
Adam Syndrome
Agatha Christie: Death On The Nile
Aankh 3 Battle of the gods
Blackwell Convergence
Conspiracies II
Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting
Darkness Within 2
The Dead Device
Evil Days of Luckless John
Fatman sos
Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge
Gray matter
Inhabited Island: The Earthling
Inherent Evil 2: Dark Whispers
The Judgment of Quintus
Kaptain Brawe
Last Half of Darkness: Tomb of Zojir
The Legend of Crystal V
Lost: The Video Game
Mata Hari
Memento Mori
A New Beginning
Night Watcher
Once Upon a Time in Japan
The Path
Pieces of eight
Ravens Hollow
Runaway 3
Secret files 2
So Blonde
Simon the Sorcerer 5 (and 4 USA)
Still Life 2
Stonewall Penitentiary
Testament of sin
Treasure Island
Vampyre Story, A
The Whispered World
Yoomurjak's Ring
Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
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