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MoriartyL: As you progress through the game, you'll notice that there are specific ways to kill specific enemies, even the "random" ones. And dungeons don't require specific themes to feel cohesive - that's one of the biggest clich├Ęs of gaming. One that Zelda itself is perhaps responsible for creating. I'm not sure I know what you mean about the first "proper" dungeon, but it doesn't sound like you've come very far, since you don't acknowledge the different strategies and creative solutions to complete certain puzzles and kill certain enemies.

And how the heck is Pikmin like Zelda? It's a puzzle game, with obvious influences from Lemmings. The further you get, the more Okami feels like a Zelda game... to me, Beyond Good and Evil didn't feel like Zelda at all. It had lock-on fighting, and that's probably it. Okami is more Zelda than Majora's Mask is. You might as well have called it The Legend of Zelda: Okami, and people wouldn't have noticed. The dog is Link, and the little bug is his fairy, more or less. Then there's the overwold... or Hyrule. And then there's the puzzle-jingles. And the sidequests. And the bombing of walls and the slingshot. And that's only after 11 hours of gameplay. I'm sure there'll be a lot more similarities. Just about everything in this game is something you'd see in Zelda as well.

Anyway, I think the general consensus is that Okami's got a slow start. It did, the first couple of hours were slow as hell and progress was almost non-existant. But as you get more powers, things gets more interesting. Whaddayaknow, just like Zelda.
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