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Originally Posted by MdaG View Post
Okami took me around 40 hours to complete and then I didn't bother with the "fillers". Its fresh atmosphere and quality makes it my number one PS2 game. The closest game I've played to Okami is Zelda - Twilight Princess, and the former is way better.
I'm playing through Okami, and so far I'm rather disappointed. First off, everyone was saying it's like Zelda, which just isn't true. Pikmin is like Zelda, Beyond Good & Evil is like Zelda, Okami is not like Zelda. It's an action RPG, and a rather generic one at that. Not that I hate RPGs or anything, but I was led to expect a metalude. Also, everyone acts like it's so creative, and I'm finding most of the game design banal. To continue the comparison with Twilight Princess, that game wasn't cohesive but it was almost consistently clever- the Temple of Time, that final dungeon which is nothing like you'd expect from a final dungeon, the comic-relief dungeon, the big puzzle at the beginning which turns out to all be set-up for a plot twist, etc. That's great design. Okami's is just bland. I've only been through one proper dungeon so far, but there was nothing remarkable about it at all. I'd much rather be outside helping people, but it sticks in a by-the-numbers dungeon just because that's the formula. There's no theme to the dungeon keeping it cohesive, there's no interesting exploring, there aren't any slightly challenging puzzles, the fights are just like the overworld fights but harder. And the story is insufferable. At first I was paying attention, but then it went on and on and on and on without anything happening that's not covered in Clich├ęs 101. And that bug! My god, does he ever shut up?

So, yeah. I don't understand where the positive reaction is coming from. It's got a few nice gimmicks, but they're put into an uninspired experience. With that said, I'm still pretty early in. Maybe it'll get better later.
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