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Recently been playing Oblivion. Its very dull. The initial gloss wore off so quickly, every dungeon looks the same, every region looks the same, the world is populated by clone trees, clone animals and clone npcs right down to their one size fits all wardrobes and their monotonous dialogues about mud crabs spoken with their clone voices.

In desperation I turned to mods on tesnexus, but getting more than a few to work together (and remain stable) is more troublesome than the little value (variation) they add to the game. I found myself returning to tesnexus to get more and more mods that fix this and add that until finally I've decided to give up on it because I spend more time micromanaging mods than actually playing the fucking game.

I clutch my pillow and pray that Oblivion was only half finished because they switched all the talented folks in the team to work on F3.


Also just began Mass Effect, and finding it unfortunately far too like kotor with its open vistas and far off terrain cunningly blocked off by boulders, trees, rocks, invisible walls. Why don't they just have a little train I can ride on from start to finish in every single level? I like trains. Its just such a tease. At least shooters have the decency to trap me in boxy claustrophobic corridors that lead from point A to point B...
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