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Originally Posted by Jony
Seriously guys the game is not that funny. Most of the time Sam and/or max talk to the SCREEN (I hate it when someone talks to the screen or the camera) and the jokes are considered cliches or are just not funny by now. I've watched hundreds of parodies and shows like Family guy and the Simpson and quotes like " Max, where should I put this so it doesn't hurt anyone we know or care about?
Out the window,There's nothing but strangers out there." are not funny anymore. I played Secret of monkey Island four years ago when I didn't know English very well but thought (and still think) that the game was hillirious. Now I am playing Escape from Monkey Island and I must say its one of the funniest games ever produced with a lot of pop cultural references... I can't understand how someone can say in thier right mind that Sam and Max is funnier than any of the monkey island games? (or better )
You bring up an interesting point. Funny thing is, LEC feels the same way you do. But the thing is though, you are wrong to say that the humor in this game is not funny. One could say (and has said in many a review) that the humor is definately not for everyone, but you can't go as far as too say it's been done to death before by shows like the Simpsons (which has, in my opinion, a completely different kind of humor) and Family Guy (listen to what you're saying, the show is pretty recent). Also you say you've only played it for 20 minutes? No offense, but you can't judge the entire game based on that! The game gets alot funnier after that, and although the puzzles left something to be desired, it's a very enjoyable game, for some people. DOTT is better but they're so totally different games.
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