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Default How long could you happily play for?

It's a given that there are obvious time restraints on how much we can game for because of work and general life commitments. But how long could you play an engrossing game before you feel tired or your brain can't take any more and you need to shut it down for the day? 2 hours maybe? More?

I started perry rhodan at the weekend and have now finished it. Because currently I have lots of free time until next week, I've been playing it pretty much non stop, starting in the day and playing right through to 5 in the morning, well, with a few hours breaks here and there of course. I still found time to go and shop, cook, eat, watch some tv and polish some musical instruments .

MOSTLY, I would say after about an hour and a half to 2 hours, I get tired and need a break from it, maybe for the rest of the day, or maybe for a few hours before resuming. Today though, I played in the afternoon for a while, then resumed from about 1am right through to about 5.30am, I had to finish the game and didn't feel tired. I did the same with dracula origin recently, with the olympics on in the background. It was awesome fun. Adventure game loaded, michael phelps on the box, and tucking into a box of cadburys roses, all at once and right through the night. Total decadence .