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After hearing positive comments (and read it's enormously positive reviews) on Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem I decided to finally give the game a try. I have had it since I bought my GameCube about a year ago.

Having played half-through the fourth character though, I just couldn't handle the game anymore. I just cannot see what's supposed to be so special about it.

IGN put it "The game grabs hold of players and doesn't let go, captivating with its brilliantly crafted storyline, its mesmerizing visuals and scenery, its character development and more. These details are only equaled by the title's polished controls, combat system and beautifully conceived magick system, which will bait and hook gamers beyond anything else."

Well, half way through the fourth character the story so far is neither captivating nor intriguing. The levels are short of story and I seem to not be able to stay long enough with a character to start to like them. There's barely no introduction to them either. After a short cutscene you start trapped in a nameless dungeon somewhere and after that point there's just combat & puzzles.

The visuals looks like crap compared to Resident Evil Zero that was released the same year (they say it was developed for N64 and it shows). The controls are among the worst I experienced in a survival horror game (RE4 on PC doesn't count) and the aiming system doesnt really improve it. In fact, every time I got something else than a 1-handed sword, problems begun. The times I tried (or was forced to use) a two-edged sword, a blowgun or two swords, I started to take damage at a rapid pace since it's difficult to get in reach and chop off the head. Finally the "magick system" feels quite meaningless.

This is coming from someone who is a horror fan and just love H.P. Lovecraft and played the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game quite a bit.
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