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Some of your posts really echo my recent actions. I ordered Planescape after I read on Wikpedia its possible to play the game with only having to fight as little as 4 battles depending on your choice.

I too also recently played Fallout, but dropped it as there appeared to be endless [ney, pointless] fighting.

I don't mind battles in RPGs to a point, but I'm not very familier of westery RPG territory and for some reason it just doesn't feel as involving as the battles in some of the JRPGs I've played.

The dialog was far from poetry either IMO. This is one of those games where I'm not quite sure why it has such a major, fanatical following.

I'm also still waiting for Blood Omen: Legecy of Kain to come through the post and I'll consider Diablo after that. My quest for enjoyable Western RPGs continues.
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