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It's funny you should say that, I've just started playing it after buying it a number of times and then suddenly not getting round to playing it and selling it off.

As soon as I got it through the post I unsealed the new copy, installed and played.

It's certainly different. It reminds me of Sanitarium but on a larger scale. I like the idea you can play the game without resorting to violence if you want. On the one hand I love how you can keep going back and fourth between characters and keep bring up new conversations. On the other hand, it does get slightly annoying spending so long in the Mortery area and I can understand what you mean about patience.

It doesn't always do a good job of explaining where you are. They kept mentioning 1st floor, etc, but I didn't know which was first floor (here in England you get ground floor then first floor whilst this is obviously the American way).

They kept mentioning the front Gate also but I only knew where it was after speaking to the right person (out of chance). I've now just got to the Hive and I'll play it a more tomorrow.

Good dialog in it though. The conversations with the spirit on the grou--first floor sent chills up my spine.
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