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Originally Posted by Rayvielle View Post
Currently playing Bioshock. Am on Neptunes Bounty at the moment and just dealt with all 3 Big Daddies on the level, and rescued the 3 little sisters. Had to be done.

Honestly? I find it more challenging than I expected (which is a good thing), but dare I say, I'm feeling ever so slightly disappointed. These aren't my finalised feelings by any stretch as I'm at the early stages of the game, but right now, I'm not as floored as I thought I would be by Bioshock. I'm interested to see how the story and the game itself progress. I must say, I find Rapture to be quite an elaborate and detailed World and the ability to hack machines, turrets and give myself new upgrades, (giving that awesome Deus Ex feel) never grows tiresome.

I would say I'm currently very neutral on Bioshock, still undecided about whether I love it or whether I don't. But there is a lot more to come and I'm sure to let you know once I reached the climax.

Interesting to see what you guys are playing and how you're finding your time with the game.
I was also a bit disappointed by the game. Sure it's a good game, but my expectations were set far higher. It's a 7 out of 10 in my book.
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