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Hi Terramax! Actually no, I got drawn to the game by reading the books first. I like psychological and supernatural stories, and the series of books were awesome! Great stories that (mostly) made sense, memorable characters, gruesome deaths, and very sad flashbacks of inmates at the asylum.

I bought this game since it was like a "sequel", and it's amazing to meet some of the people (and dark objects) you spent so much time with in the books. I love how true the stories are of what people used to do to the "insane", and actually thought they were helping. But most of all, I love meeting and learning a lot more about the inmates, that we only had a glance at through flashbacks in the books. Now, I get to know more of their backstory, and a lot of the loose ends in the books, at least about the ancestors in the asylum, are answered! I LOVE this game so far!!!

Sanitarium was awesome and a sppoky/sad story, too, although it didn't really *scare* me.

Why didn't you go for BC??!! *shock gasp horror* lol
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