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Originally Posted by AprilLives View Post
Playing Lost Crown which seemed disappointing at first. This game has really grown on me ... especially now that I've found the book with the crowns and followed the cat to a very enchanting place.

This game doesn't feel like a "typical" puzzle game ... although there are plenty of situations to solve. The sound effects are clear and nicely done and the art is haunting.
YES, I agree with everything you said! Except I don't like some of the voiceactors. D8 I was so mad I was sooo close to just shut down the whole darned game... XD
But I'm in the museum now! Shut it down for a few days because I'm at work most of the time and I want to save my energy just so I won't skip through any documents/information just to finish the game asap like I do in some cases. XD
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