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I've replayed numerous games. None because I necessarily missed them. All because the replay offered a particular challenge.

After playing Shivers the first time, I realized that one could accumulate points simply by riding the elevator. Ergo, one could achieve a high score without solving anything after the first five or six puzzles. Thus, completing the game while accumulating the fewest possible points became the challenge. I went after that particular challenge with a vengence, as did others. I probably played that game at least six times competing with others for "low" score.

A game such as Post Mortem allows one to take two entirely different paths to the conclusion. Who would not want to replay it in order to experience all the game had to offer?

Then there are games such as Callahan's Crosstime Saloon that are so packed with material that there is no way one could experience it all in a single play. Assuming one enjoyed the game, why not go back and find more humor?
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