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Originally Posted by mycroft
I believe that realism and accuracy are not unrelated. Accuracy leads to realism in a majority of cases.
No question, mycroft. Didn't mean to sound like I was implying otherwise. They are definitely related, which is why I felt they needed distinction. I was referring to accuracy as a measurable right/wrong aspect, while realism is more of an overall sense of believability that's open to a little artistic license.

The recoil physics of a historical gun is measurable, though I don't think I've ever played an FPS where one jammed on me or needed cleaning. I'd consider the former to be an accuracy issue, and the latter a realism issue that the developer CHOSE not to implement (though I still think gun jamming is long overdue in shooters. )

It really is a matter of degree. Yet I'd like to play a game that makes the Victorian Era come alive with all its subtle nuances; Florin, Farthing, Sovereign, Crown, Shilling and all...
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