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Originally Posted by Merricat View Post
What does "girly-girl" mean, anyway? For me, it means that I like fashion and perfume and bubble baths, and I don't like to get dirty. What's so terrible about that? It doesn't marginalize my intellect, although it does get my tire changed for me when I have a flat.
I never implied there was anything wrong with that per se. It just sometimes feels marginalizing for girls like me who aren't into all that stuff advertised in fashion magazines; although we've come a long way towards accepting what a woman can be, there are many people who still cling to old stereotypes and treat girls like me as though they're invisible. And it's not the fault of girly-girls themselves so much as it's the fault of society as a whole. In other words, it's perfectly fine that you are who you are.

Originally Posted by Merricat View Post
Squinky, is Vancouver beautiful? Is it easy to live in? I'm trying to get Will to consider it for a holiday.
Vancouver is gorgeous. It constantly comes out on top of worldwide "best city to live in" surveys, right up there with Geneva and Zurich. Lots of trees, water, and mountains all over the place, so you'll get plenty of natural beauty. Think Seattle, but way cleaner. If you come and visit, we should totally go out for coffee and talk about writing (provided that you don't think I'm a creepy internet pervert).
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