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Originally Posted by Codeguru View Post
So basically you don't like battle mode, you like rpgs in quake form? How is Zelda and Oblivion not repetetive fighting? The only difference is on Oblivion you level up your skills on the way doing a story type quest each time, and thusly you lose gameplay hours because it's not possible to add that much in a game and still make money or meet deadlines...
Zelda and Oblivion might be repetitive, but at least they rely more on your skill as a player and not as much on you grinding countless hours in some bland dungeon. Each battle takes considerably less time to get through than the average Final Fantasy battle (references are FF7, FF8 & FF10). I'm currently playing Persona 3 and while the game requires you to grind in a bland dungeon, it's nowhere near what I'm used to in a JRPG. So there's still hope for the genre. As soon as I finish Disgaea 2 and Persona 3; I'm going to try and get Xenogears, FF6, FF9, Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross running on my PSP and see what I missed.

I don't understand that last part about how Oblivion differs...

PS: I don't know if Final Fantasy Tactics or Disgaea 2 counts as JRPG, but they freaking ROCK!
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