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Originally Posted by nomadsoul View Post

Its like they went to commercial appeal for sequel, with multiplayers and dramatic cheesy story , which killed the feeling.

I completely agree. I am also a massive fan of horror games, and had been looking forward to Condemned 2 for ages. It seems, as you say, as if they went for a more casual, mainstream approach, with adding multiplayer and concentrating way too much on combat. I don't buy a horror title to pull of combo attacks like something from a fighting game.

I also agree with the ghost phenomena in FF. For me personally, I am a huge fan of the paranormal in general (I've been to a few proffesional investigations into it). So anything to do with Esoteric or paranormal events like in FF is perfect for me. And it does help if you beleive in it in real life too.

Condemned 2 on the other hand, while it did have its simply didn't hold together.
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