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Voted for the Silent Hill series. I think, even if they are not the best on the market, they are surely the most disturbing (i.e. Silent Hill 2). The japanese have some sort of tenth sense when it comes to making a horror disturbing. Most of the time you don't even understand what is going on around you in Silent Hill, and at the very end you're left with more questions than answers.
I have to say that NOCTURNE too was a pretty horror game back in the late nineties.
Resident Evil seems, IMHO at least, too find zombie and kill it. Entertaining and lots of fun, but not so scary. Also, Alone in the Dark and Dark Corners of the Earth had vast potential, being inspired by Lovecraft's works; alas, little substance found its way in the final result.
I haven't played Forbidden Siren or Fatal Frame, so I can't say anything bout them.
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