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Hmm, I'm not sure which question you're really asking, mycroft. Are you talking about realism or accuracy? Most of your examples are about accuracy, but your reference to Rennes-le-Chateau is a question of realism. There's a difference between inaccuracy and creating fiction.

For accuracy, I'd say it's question of degree for me. If the inaccuracy shows a lack of basic research or a blatant sloppiness, then it shouldn't happen. The more relevant the detail in the game, the greater the need for proper research. Since the weapons in an FPS are absolutely vital to its presentation, then the developers should get it right. As you said, The Last Express was largely based on an actual car, so I'm surprised to hear that its inaccuracy was an issue. But they did their homework, at least, and if they screwed up a few details that only historians would know, so be it.

So screwing up important stuff is definitely BAD. Any details that need to be sacrificed for gameplay are OK by me (that's a realism issue). Trivial, unintentional inaccuracies just make me a little disappointed in the developers, but really don't affect my enjoyment of a game.
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