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Originally Posted by mycroft
Did you care whether Rennes le Ch√Ęteau was a real place ? Would you have enjoyed the game just as much had it not been ?
If Gabriel Knight 3 had been the exact same game even though RLC was simply imaginary, it would have been fine by me. However, I doubt Jane Jensen would have been able to come up with a setting with these kind of unique enigmas herself.

I think it's a well detailed setting that's important to me. A game series like King's Quest is based a lot on fantasty, much of the world is incoherent. A series like Quest for Glory on the other hand, takes place in a setting that is very rich in details. QFG games are accurate, but only in the context of it's own world. This makes playing the games much more "real". Playing a game that's genuinely accurate like GK or Police Quest has the same effect on me.
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