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Default Accuracy in games

This is a topic I've been pondering over. Accuracy in games and whether it matters to the player or not.

I'm seeing situations where developers are taking extra care to inculcate a sense of accuracy in games. Take MoH : Pacific Assault for one, where the devs are firing actual weapons to get a feel for the recoil of individual weapons. Is all this necessary ?

I read a review of The Last Express a few months ago and the reviewer gave the game a hard time on the grounds that it was inaccurate in historical detail. Similarly, a person on this very forum(can't remember who, probably Bastich) complained about the factual inaccuracy in GK1 regarding the snake. The examples are many and can be found all over in different genres. The case of The Last Express review is really ironic, since Mechner and co. obviously took special care to recreate the train and the era. They actually managed to find an abandoned Orient Express car and used it to model the interiors.

Did you care whether Rennes le Ch√Ęteau was a real place ? Would you have enjoyed the game just as much had it not been ?

I'd like a statistical analysis of this behaviour, since this is primarily a personal thing. How many of you are turned off by the inaccuracy in games ? Does it matter at all to you ?

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