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This is said in no disrespect you, misslilo, but I just thought I would explain why I don't order the game from As for the downloadable version, I sure like my game boxes
I understand perfectly, and I'm sorry you had that experience with them.

However, I just ordered Overclocked $29.95 + Keepsake used $5 = $34.95 from InteractCD.
With shipping for two games $17 it totals $51.95 = 245.95 DKK.
(Checked my bank account, and that's what it said.)

I don't think that's bad for a brand new game and a used one

I think it depends on how they ship it.
If they ship as a package, it's more of a risk to be seen by the "bad" guys, lol

I have always gotten my games through the letterbox, so no extra customs or VAT or anything on it.

Just a note to that.
I sometimes after having bought downloadable games, find the boxed versions later on WAY cheap on, so I have double
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