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Thanks for all the wonderful replies. My favorite was from sue3737 who said she likes to be able to click on everything in the world -- that sounds exactly like my girlfriend!
Hi Staufman,

The reason I say that is because for me playing an adventure game has always been like an escape, it sort of puts you in another world for a few hours so the exploration aspects have always been important ...thats just my humble opinion of course
So any game that has the quality of keeping the player engrossed in another life or mystery is to me the most important element. I am never sure of all the technical terms used sometimes so this is my best description of what I like! About replayability...I have had some games for years that I won't part with and replay from time to time, its not for the reason that if I replay them something different happens or you can change the events its just that they were so addictive and atmospheric first time around I enjoy playing them again.
Now playing Overclocked....waiting patiently for dead mountaineers hotel!!
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