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Originally Posted by staufman View Post
While Indigo Prophecy has some innovative gameplay mechanics for an adventure game, their core game mechanic (Simon Says/Whack-a-mole) gets attacked in just about every review I've read. For me as a developer, I would feel like I didn't do enough research to find out if something was really fun before releasing the game.
While it's generally good to do your research, you wouldn't really need it to figure out that Simon and Whack-A-Mole have absolutely nothing to do with Indigo Prophecy's core thematic elements. Finding out whether something is "fun" isn't enough; I certainly can have a great time playing the above two minigames on their own, but in the context of a murder mystery, they can get in the way to the point of being absolutely ludicrous. I would think that this is common sense, but I guess some game designers (and even moreso, marketing executives) really do lack it.

Of course, like I think I said earlier, I've never played the game...
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