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Thanks for all the wonderful replies. My favorite was from sue3737 who said she likes to be able to click on everything in the world -- that sounds exactly like my girlfriend!

I understand some of the posts about how the contradictory opinions of players won't really help me in making choices for the game that I'm making. Nevertheless, I don't like the idea of working in a vacuum. While Indigo Prophecy has some innovative gameplay mechanics for an adventure game, their core game mechanic (Simon Says/Whack-a-mole) gets attacked in just about every review I've read. For me as a developer, I would feel like I didn't do enough research to find out if something was really fun before releasing the game.

In short, I don't intend to use the opinions stated here to drive the game but merely as a way to validate what I'm doing. A simple example is the 1st person/3rd person question. I've always had an affinity to 3rd person games and I also cannot really explain why. My only guess is that I started with 3rd person games and that an adventure game plays out very much like an interactive movie. Because the language of film currently uses 3rd person shots (though I hear the Doom movie had some 1st person sequences), perhaps I am conditioned to watch a story unfold in that way. In any case, it sounds like many people here feel the same way -- that's great!

Thanks again for all the help and keep the suggestions coming. Oh yea, and if you are a 3d artist interested in helping, drop me a line.
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