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No, a rotated tree isn't any different from it's original, not a scaled one either. I always think it is cheap when you can tell that there are two identical objects in a scene. It can be accepted in realtime rendered scenes because of different limitations, such as memory and disk space (actually, with good algorithms for creating trees, they could even be created in realtime too, though), but not in a real render. At least in my opinion. Oh, and if you have an algorithm (or whatever) to make 100 different trees, why the heck not use that algorithm for all the trees instead?

But my preference for scripting has also much to do with my algortihmic and mathematic mind. It is much easier to calculate the *correct* place and size and form for your objects if you have scripting and it's helping mathematical functions (think, I want a train coach object and I want to place five of them in a partial circle, I just need the size of the coach and use the sin() and cos() functions to calculate the other's positions and furthermore, it is very easy to change the radius of the circle (and thus the angle each coach should have to each other)).
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